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Dry Ice Blasting is a rising solution Fire and Smoke Restoration

Dry ice blasting is becoming of the one of the most chosen ways to restore properties that have smoke or fire damage, for those who know about this option.  Dry Ice blasting is ideal for the restoration of wood, concrete, brick and building materials because it’s fast, dries instantly and leaves little or no residue.  Dry Ice Cleaning/Blasting has become popular with the insurance industry and adjusters who now recommend it because of its efficiency and effectiveness of remove smoke, smell, mildew, mold and fire damage without causing further deterioration of the surface materials.

Dry ice blasting removes charred wood, soot, AND gets rid of that burnt musty smell while it cleans – other companies and processes can clean it, but dry ice blasting removes the smell that accompanies it.

Why Dry Ice Blasting for Fire and Smoke Restoration?

  • cleans without surface erosion and etching caused by typical abrasive blasting

  • safe for electrical components

  • no water damage

  • no need for using caustics and acids

  • cleans concrete, wood, brick and other areas and gets rid of the smell

Dry Ice Blasting has become the preferred method to remove smoke soot, vaporized synthetic resins, and char. Texas Carbonic Dry Ice Cleaning can reduce or eliminate the musty burnt smell that results from fire, smoke and water damage.


  • Dry Ice Blasting is FASTER than traditional fire restoration methods

  • Dry Ice Blasting is CLEANER – no residue (sand, soda, etc)

  • Dry Ice Blasting is SAFER – no chemicals or residue

Dry Ice Blasting provides fast and efficient removal of smoke damage and fire damage.

A recent Texas Carbonic Fire Restoration in Houston, TX.


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