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Have a look at a few ‘Before and After’ shots of some of our recent projects. These should give you an idea of some of the capabilities and diverse offerings of Texas Carbonic.


monument and statue restoration

Texas Carbonic has the recent honor of bringing the beauty back to the monument at the grave of General Sam Houston, in Oakwood Cemetary in Huntsville, TX. We are thankful Oakwood and the City of Huntsville for the opportunity to help keep this monument looking beautiful. Dry ice blasting removed mold, mildew, soot, years of scum, and other aging effects from the surfaces, while maintaining the integrity of the stone. It is a powerful and efficient restoration method for historic features, statues, monuments and buildings.



Soot and smoke damage is very difficult to clean, remove and restore. This smoke damage and soot from a fire inside this building in the Houston Galleria area on the left, and the storage building was able to be stripped back and removed by the use of Dry Ice Blasting.

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cnc machine

Texas Carbonic brought this large CNC Machine back to life, after years of grime, grease, metals, and remnants had taken the toll. With the precision needs of CNC Machines, Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is an optimal solution that maintains the integrity of parts, fitting, bits, etc, enhancing optimal operation and limit downtime or harmful cleaning solutions.


headstone restoration

Texas Carbonic brought this large large headstone back to life without the abrasive damage sandblasting could have created, and with the limited mess and cleanup from a traditional pressure washer. The restorative cleaning power of Dry Ice Blasting is extremely versatile and effective.


STONE WALL restoration

Texas Carbonic cleaned years of mildew, grime and buildup off of this stone entrance wall. Our self-contained trailer setup makes reaching remote areas for cleaning and restoration, more easily accessible than you might imagine.


flagstone pool deck restoration

This pool surround flagstone has been beaten and weathered in the Texas sun and heat for years. The precision and efficiency of Dry Ice Blasting, brought lasting life back to this pool deck, without damage. Texas Carbonic has the ability to adjust our approach for various surfaces, ensuring efficiency and longevity.