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Monuments and Statues

Restoration for Statues & Monuments.

Restoring monuments and statues damaged or soiled from aging, soot and mold.

Dry ice blasting removes paint, mold, smoke stains, soot, years of scum, and other aging effects from any surface, while maintaining the integrity of the stone. It is a powerful and efficient restoration method for historic features, statues, monuments and buildings.

General Sam Houston Memorial


Texas Carbonic has the recent honor of bringing the beauty back to the monument at the grave of General Sam Houston, in Oakwood Cemetary in Huntsville, TX. We are thankful Oakwood and the City of Huntsville for the opportunity to help keep this monument looking beautiful.

The monument was erected in 1911, and was scuplted by Pompeo Coppini, who also sculpted the Alamo Cenotaph in San Antonio as well as many other statues and monuments across Texas.

The large monument shows Houston on his horse riding off into battle. Lady Victory is shown in front of Houston and Lady History to the rear. The upside down torches symbolize that victory is won, and the laurel wreaths symbolize peace. The fence by Alamo Iron Works also shows laurel wreaths of peace and upside-down Roman axes symbolizing that the battle is over.

Monuments and statues.


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